Design and Technology

Hydrozid is the right combination of traditional cryotherapy and cryosurgery with modern aerosol technology. Hydrozid comes with a unique patent-pending delivery system or spray head. The spray head if fixed securely to the canister, and comprises: 


The cap forms the upper part of the spray head creating an ergonomic outer shape so that Hydrozid is easy for healthcare professionals to use.


Makes the spray head comfortable in the hand, resting between the thumb and first finger whilst aligning the activation arm or trigger with the fingers.


The tube is attached to the body of the spray head. The design and material of the tube allows the cryogen to flow from the canister to the tip and prevents the formation of unnecessary condensation during treatment with Hydrozid.


The tip is mounted at the distal end of the tube. The narrow aperture of the tip makes it easier to target the tissue to be treated, mitigating the risk of damaging the surrounding healthy skin. The tip has a conical inner shape that prevents condensation and dripping during treatment.

Activation Arm

The activation arm or trigger is slightly curved and allows more comfortable positioning of the fingers during the application of Hydrozid. Furthermore, it allows the healthcare professional to decide if it is more comfortable to use one or two fingers during treatment. The rough surface of the distal end of the activation arm prevents fingers from slipping.


The lock is located beneath the activation arm. Two grooves or marks indicate locked and opened positions. The healthcare professional merely needs move the lock to open or close the spray head. This feature prevents unintended activation both while carrying Hydrozid or in storage between treatments.

Application Templates

To avoid damaging surrounding healthy tissues use one of the application templates provided with Hydrozid.

Carefully select the hole in the template which matches the size of the lesion and adjust the spray jet by varying the pressure on the spray head.

Using application templates, you can treat almost all sizes of skin lesion without causing damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Each template has six holes of a different diameter; 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm, respectively. The Hydrozid application templates are for single use and can be discarded as household waste after use. Due to the risk of infection, each application template should be used for one skin lesion only and should be used only during treatment with Hydrozid.

Hydrozid templates can be discarded in normal household waste.